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Explores the tragic death of Angel Rama, Marta Traba, Manuel Scorza and Jorge Ibargüengoitia on an airplane crash near Madrid in 1983. Through the biographies of these four authors –each one from a different part of Latin America- the film explores this continent´s history in the second half of the 20th century, full of social unrest, revolutions and dictatorships that influenced a whole generation.

2021Documentary61 minPlay


A fearless sea captain, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, sails a ship through loopholes in international law, providing abortions on the high seas, and leaving in her wake a network of emboldened activists who trust women to handle abortion on their own terms.

2014Documentary90 minPlay
TV03 Families: Beginnings of a Friendship

3 Families: Beginnings of a Friendship

Beginnings of a Friendship, is a web series by Ecuavisa Digital about the adventures and the beginning of friendship, by La Chama (Valentina de Abreu) ​​and El Kevin (Kevin Chapin) out of 3 Families.

2019Comedy5 minPlay
TV7.9Mortal Glitch

Mortal Glitch

Mortal Glitch tells the story of a girl who feels that her destiny is much more of what she does now, but has to fight with the status quo in order to save the world. Through unique humor, and surprising storytelling the creators of take the hero's journey and give it a contemporary approach.

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2020Action minPlay
0Lo invisible

Lo invisible

When Luisa, 45, returns from a psychiatric clinic after a bout with severe postpartum depression, she enters a new confinement in her dazzling home, surrounded by family members and a brigade of servants who expect her struggles to remain invisible. Unable to continue playing the role of the perfect housewife, Luisa's only escape is to waltz elegantly into madness.

2021Drama0 minPlay
4.8The Longest Night

The Longest Night

A beautiful woman turns to prostitution. She must surrender her income to the leader of a human trafficking ring, but her daughter’s illness and a drug addiction prevent her from delivering her usual share. An unexpected event will give her the opportunity to stop obeying and take justice into her own hands.

2019Crime95 minPlay