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0Abandoned Village

Abandoned Village

Village, like a human being, is born out of love. Village, like a human being, is ruined, if left without love.

2021Animation14 minPlay


Ukraine, 1919. The friendship of two boys, Anton and Jacob, one Christian, the other Jewish, manages to survive the prejudices and hatred that dominate the minds of adults in the aftermath of World War I and the Russian Revolution.

2021Drama102 minPlay
5.7The War Below

The War Below

During World War I, a group of British miners are recruited to tunnel underneath no man's land and set bombs from below the German front in hopes of breaking the deadly stalemate of the Battle of Messines.

2021Drama0 minPlay
6.4Enticing, Sugary, Boundless or Songs and Dances about Death

Enticing, Sugary, Boundless or Songs and Dances about Death

In a delicate and humane manner, this film touches upon a very serious issue: how to stop fearing death while being in love with life. We talk (and laugh) about this subject with the protagonists of this film, modern geniuses and ordinary people from different parts of the world.

2017Documentary96 minPlay


Three downtrodden friends reunite by chance after years apart and strike out on one last adventure in an attempt to recreate the halcyon days of their youth.

2020Comedy87 minPlay
TV8იდეალური დედა

იდეალური დედა

2019Comedy15 minPlay
TV9სხვა ნანუკა

სხვა ნანუკა

NRMtavari Arkhi
2019Reality60 minPlay


In a sleepy provincial town, a Jehovah Witness community is attacked by an extremist group. In the midst of this conflict, the familiar world of Yana, the wife of the community leader, slowly crumbles. Yana’s inner discontent grows as she struggles to make sense of her desires.

2020Drama125 minPlay
TV9ყველაზე ძლიერი

ყველაზე ძლიერი

NRImedi TV
2019Reality60 minPlay
5Антон і червона химера

Антон і червона химера

Anton explores how the universal bonds of childhood friendship are stronger than the prejudices of an adult world torn by hatred and revenge in the wake of the First World War and Russian Revolution. The year is 1919. The story unfolds in a small village in Ukraine, a region settled by German families many decades earlier to farm the rich land near the Black Sea. It brings into clear focus the true meaning of friendship. Together, Anton and Jakob find strength and comfort. It is a ...

2021Drama0 minPlay
5Taming the Garden

Taming the Garden

A powerful man, who is also the former prime minister of Georgia, has developed an unusual hobby. He buys century-old trees, some as tall as 15-floor buildings, and has them excavated along the Georgian coastline to collect them for his private garden. In order to transplant trees of such dimensions, the landscape surrounding them is ripped apart and the people living around them are forced to adapt to the disruption. As the film follows this process, it portrays the needs and values of ...

2021Documentary92 minPlay
0Bebia, à mon seul désir

Bebia, à mon seul désir

Returning home for the funeral of her grandmother, seventeen-year-old Ariadna must cross the unspoiled Georgian countryside to connect her grandmother’s soul with her resting body in an ancient burial custom. Traversing this exhausting and raw terrain, Ariadna is forced to confront the impact that the complex, sometimes cruel matriarch had on her not-so-distant childhood.

2021Drama118 minPlay
0The Lady of Heaven

The Lady of Heaven

A child from war-torn Iraq finds himself moving into a new home after his mother passes away. There, he meets a loving old woman who tells him the story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad and the first victim of terrorism. Through the stories, the child learns how the virtue of patience is powerful and important to everyone, as well as how Fatima’s experience has spilled into the 21st century.

2021Action139 minPlay
0What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

It’s love at first sight when Lisa and Giorgi meet by chance on a street in the Georgian city of Kutaisi. Love hits them so suddenly, they even forget to ask each other’s names. Before continuing on their way, they agree to meet the next day. Little do they know that an evil eye casts its spell on them. Will they manage to meet again? And if they do, will they know who they are?

2021Drama150 minPlay
TV9დიდი ოჯახი

დიდი ოჯახი

NRMtavari Arkhi
2020Comedy30 minPlay


Four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend, but the fun turns into a nightmare when 3 of them end up locked in a hot sauna. Every minute counts and every degree matters as they fight for their lives in the heat up to 247°F.

2011Horror88 minPlay
TV5.3My Wife’s Girlfriends

My Wife’s Girlfriends

NRRustavi 2
2012Drama30 minPlay