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The horror story, imbued with the search for the true evil in this world. The most ancient legends of folklore will be recreated from the ancient beliefs about the otherworldly evil of the Kazakh region. Retelling again, they will merge into the realities of our days. We will see Zhestyrnak, Zhalmauyz Kempir and the Ghost from the Kapchagai highway. In their appearance, the heroes of the film will try to recognize the authenticity of evil, which for centuries has cooled blood and deprived ...

2020Horror104 minPlay


Aset, having learned the melody, would prefer to play it in the field with the company of his unlucky friends. But when he finds out that Aigerim will come to the concert, he decides to throw all his strength into the performance. However, it turns out to be not so easy to do with a broken dombra and such friends.

2019Drama30 minPlay
5The Crying Steppe

The Crying Steppe

In the 1920-30s, 70% of the indigenous population died from the Great Famine created by the Bolsheviks in Kazakhstan. Overcoming the dreadful fear of death and despair, an eagle hunter's family from a Kazakh village in the highlands is trying to stay alive in the midst of the fierce winter and face a moral choice, to die as human beings or to survive at any cost, transgressing the human decency.

2020Drama108 minPlay
10A Dark, Dark Man

A Dark, Dark Man

A boy is murdered in Kazakh village. Detective Bekzat wants to wrap up the inquiries quickly: after all, the perpetrator has already been found by local police officers. But when a journalist arrives from the city, everything falls to pieces. For the first time in his career, Bekzat must conduct a real investigation according to procedure.

2020Drama130 minPlay
0Ile Alatau

Ile Alatau

A story of four childhood friends who mysteriously disappeared while camping in the rural mountains of Trans Ili Alatau. The following events were recorded on Sultan's videocamera, who was making his student thesis project on a local plant called the Asafoetida.

2021Horror77 minPlay