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77 días sin redes sociales

7 días sin redes sociales

Three young men go on an excursion after making a bet with a manipulative girl, but after some events they change course, leading them to experience many funny and tragic follies.

2021Comedy0 minPlay
07 Purnama di Satu Syawal

7 Purnama di Satu Syawal

With a cultural background of Bangka Belitung and the nuances of Eid al-Fitr, this film tells the story of a romantic romantic religious drama about the simplicity of love that offers elements of peace conveyed in Islam and Malay culture through the proven bond of a man when leaving. hometown named Malik Ahmad towards a woman named Mariam Syahida who has extraordinary loyalty.

2021Drama0 minPlay
87 Days

7 Days

As if their pre-arranged date, organized by their traditional Indian parents, wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Ravi and Rita are forced to shelter in place together as COVID-19’s reach intensifies. Hopefully for their sake, opposites do indeed attract.

202186 minPlay
07829 km od Wu-chanu

7829 km od Wu-chanu

2021Documentary0 minPlay
5.97 Days in Havana

7 Days in Havana

A young American boy is trying to break into the acting business, and goes to Cuba during a film festival.

2012Drama129 minPlay
3.37 Below

7 Below

The story centers on a group of strangers trapped in a time warp house where a terrible event transpired exactly 100 years prior.

2012Horror90 minPlay
6.87 Boxes

7 Boxes

Víctor receives an unusual proposal, to carry 7 boxes of unknown content through the Market Number 4 but things get complicated along the way.

2012Action100 minPlay
5.87th Floor

7th Floor

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sebastián, a successful lawyer, leaves his ex-wife's condo, located on the seventh floor of an apartment building, to take his two children to school. While they run down the stairs, he uses the elevator. Once on the ground floor, Sebastián awaits the arrival of the children…

2013Drama84 minPlay
6747: The Jumbo Revolution

747: The Jumbo Revolution

At any given moment hundreds of people are soaring above us in a 747. From the moment the very first jumbo jet took off in 1969, it has been the aircraft against which all others are judged. But its 45-year journey has been anything but smooth. This is the definitive story of the Boeing 747, from its milestones and triumphs to its turning points and disasters. Witness its history through rare archival footage and tales from pilots, engineers, designers, and passengers who were there when it ...

2014Documentary92 minPlay
5.67 Minutes

7 Minutes

A young athlete takes a wild turn in life after suffering a serious injury.

2014Crime92 minPlay
2.77 Cases

7 Cases

Two retired bank robbers agree to one last job. A face from their past steals their proceeds and divides the cash into 7 Cases.... each one is left with someone they know. If they take a case, the victim dies... if they don't get there in time... the victim dies.... if they tamper with the traps...they all die... Their day goes from bad to worse as they encounter all the faces from their past and have to make some heartbreaking decisions.

2015Crime95 minPlay
5.37 Chinese Brothers

7 Chinese Brothers

Larry is an unqualified, unemployable, inebriated prankster who rides a tide of booze onto the glorious shores of an undiscriminating Quick-Lube. Taking a part-time job vacuuming and washing windshields, Larry finds himself mixed up with hostile co-workers and unsatisfied customers, while also finding himself smitten with his lovely boss, Lupe Torrez. Will Larry keep it together long enough to win the girl, provide for man's best friend (his dog Arrow), and do his grandmother proud?

2015Comedy75 minPlay
6.57 Days in Hell

7 Days in Hell

A fictional documentary-style expose on the rivalry between two tennis stars who battled it out in a 1999 match that lasted seven days.

2015Comedy43 minPlay
075 Cents

75 Cents

On a midnight bus, a boy is just trying to catch some sleep, but the man who boards after him has more intimate ideas in mind.

20219 minPlay


In 2019, thousands of Danish children and youths took to the streets. They stayed away from school to demonstrate for the climate, mobilise their parents and grandparents, and demand action – now! When elections were called later the same year, it was clear that green climate policies attracted voters, and suddenly the climate was at the top of the political agenda. ‘70⁄30’ portrays the creation of one of the world’s most ambitious climate laws, with the goal of reducing Denmark’s CO2 ...

2021Documentary98 minPlay
87 Yards: The Chris Norton Story

7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story

A documentary that will inspire you to overcome. It took Chris Norton 7 years to walk his bride 7 yards down the aisle after a life-altering football tackle.

2021Documentary93 minPlay


At 7:19 a.m., on September 19th of 1985, the most destructive earthquake hit Mexico's City. Inside what's left of a building, a group of survivors fight for their lives waiting for rescue.

2016Drama94 minPlay
5.37 Splinters in Time

7 Splinters in Time

A detective investigates a murder, only to find that the victim is... himself. Soon, he discovers multiple versions of himself, not all of them friendly.

2018Mystery75 minPlay


The most famous murder scene in movie history comprises 78 camera settings and 52 cuts: the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. 78/52 tells the story of the man behind the curtain and his greatest obsession.

2017Documentary91 minPlay
07th and Westlake: Nino’s Revenge

7th and Westlake: Nino’s Revenge

Inter city horror movie hood film drugs action and alot more

20190 minPlay
07 Inter-Views About China

7 Inter-Views About China

Eddy Wang and Fan Wu interview each other about racial melancholy, the English language, China, work, friendship, and dissociation. Using tools from psychoanalysis and critical theory, this seven part interview looks at the possibilities and impossibilities of living as an Asian-Canadian subject in 2020.

2020Documentary42 minPlay
8.376 Days

76 Days

Raw and intimate, this documentary captures the struggles of patients and frontline medical professionals battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan.

2020Documentary93 minPlay
TV07 días sin ellas

7 días sin ellas

NRLa 1
2019Family60 minPlay
070 Is Just a Number

70 Is Just a Number

Seija Kuula is a superstar singer and an ageless goddess with a career spanning decades and decades. Problems start to arise when Seija falls in love with a younger guy and everybody around her seem to suffer from a bad case of baby fever. Seija orchestrates a masterplan to make everyone happy only to realize that one can not play with love. 70 Is Just a Number is a warm and humorous coming-of-age story – at 70.

2021Comedy102 minPlay