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7.6Zola (2020)

Zola (2020)

A waitress agrees to accompany an exotic dancer, her put-upon boyfriend, and her mysterious and domineering roommate on a road trip to Florida to seek their fortune at a high-end strip club.

2020Comedy86 minPlay
5Zombie Crush in Heyri (2021)

Zombie Crush in Heyri (2021)

The three women friends struggle to protect a village from the turmoil caused by the sudden appearance of zombies. In the peaceful Heyri Art Village in Paju, three friends: Jin-seon, Hyeon-ah and Ga-yeon, meet at the opening of the Heyri Art Center and, with a beginner Youtuber and a coffee factory CEO, face the zombie […]

2021Action0 minPlay
4Zero Fucks Given

Zero Fucks Given

Cassandra, 26, is a flight attendant for a low-cost airline. Based in Lanzarote, she’s always willing to take on extra hours and carries out her duties with robotic efficiency. On the side, she just goes with the flow and floats between Tinder, parties and lazy days. When she suddenly gets dismissed, she is forced to return home.

2021110 minPlay


20210 minPlay
0Zhang Qian of the Great Han

Zhang Qian of the Great Han

In 139 BС Zhang Qian, official ambassador of Han Empire, led a diplomatic mission of more than 100 people to the Western Regions. One day Zhang and his guide Tang Yi were surveying a map as usual, but unexpectedly intercepted by the Huns on the way. The Huns captured prisoners for ten years, but it was only beginning of legendary Han expedition.

2021History97 minPlay
7Zidane, mil danzas de blanco

Zidane, mil danzas de blanco

20210 minPlay
TV0Zehirli Salkım

Zehirli Salkım

2021Documentary minPlay
6.2Zeta (2016)

Zeta (2016)

Drama0 minPlay
0Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero

This film is based on the story of So Wa Wai, the medal-winning Paralympic athlete. It teaches audiences that even people who “lose on the starting line” can achieve victory as long as they persist.

2021Drama0 minPlay


But what can they see through this hole? Crowds of people, individuals, individuals in a crowd, partition walls, buildings, bugs, an intruder, the battle... The beginning or the end of a non-systematic system.

2021Animation8 minPlay


When a young boy, Noah, meets Zooey, a young girl living in a motel, they form an unbreakable bond. Soon after Noah discovers a secret about her that changes the course of his summer forever.

2021Drama77 minPlay
TV8ZURÜCKgespult – Wie das Fernsehen uns geprägt hat

ZURÜCKgespult – Wie das Fernsehen uns geprägt hat

2021Documentary minPlay
6.6Zazie dans le Métro

Zazie dans le Métro

A brash and precocious ten-year-old comes to Paris for a whirlwind weekend with her rakish uncle. He and the viewer get more than they bargained for, however, in this anarchic comedy that rides roughshod over the City of Light. Based on a popular novel by Raymond Queneau that had been considered unadaptable, the audacious Zazie dans le Métro, made with flair on the cusp of the French New Wave, is a bit of stream-of-consciousness slapstick, wall-to-wall with visual gags, editing tricks, and ...

1960Comedy93 minPlay


Beirut, 1982: a young Palestinian refugee and an Israeli fighter pilot form a tentative bond in their attempt to make their way across war-torn Lebanon back to their home.

2012Adventure107 minPlay
4.2Zombie 108

Zombie 108

A virus gets loose in Taipei Army and SWAT teams oversee evacuation but in Ximending the gangs don't want the police They attack the military but when both find themselves under attack by zombies there is an alliance as they try and escape.

2012Horror88 minPlay
3.2Zombies vs. Strippers

Zombies vs. Strippers

The Tough Titty is about to go under after losing a lot of money and gaining no customers. After they bring together their staff for the night to declare bankruptcy and lay offs, little do they know that around them the city is being sieged by the walking dead.

2012Comedy74 minPlay


Inspired by the true story of the first giraffe to visit France, Zarafa is a sumptuously animated and stirring adventure, and a throwback to a bygone era of hand-drawn animation and epic storytelling set among sweeping CinemaScope vistas of parched desert, wind-swept mountains and open skies. Under the cover of darkness a small boy, Maki, loosens the shackles that bind him and escapes into the desert night. Pursued by slavers across the moon-lit savannah, Maki meets Zarafa, a baby giraffe ...

2012Animation78 minPlay
5.8Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

Zip and Zap, two mischievous twins, were placed in the Esperanza, a school where the games are prohibited. There will found the Club of Marble, child resistance to challenge the authority of adults. Thanks to her intelligence, her courage and her unwavering faith in friendship, Zip and Zap and the rest of the club will discover a mysterious secret that is hidden in the school and live the most exciting adventure of their lives.

2013Adventure92 minPlay


As a child, Ali Neuman narrowly escaped being murdered by Inkhata, a militant political party at war with Nelson Mandela's African National Congress. Only he and his mother survived the carnage of those years. But as with many survivors, the psychological scars remain.

2013Crime110 minPlay
3.9Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter is set in a post-apocalyptic Zombie wasteland caused by the mysterious street drug "Natas". We follow one man who has nothing left other than a beat up Camaro and a trunk full of guns and booze. He runs down Flesh Eaters, hunting for sport and redemption, while also running from his past. After crashing into a small group of survivors, who are running low on resources, he decides to lend a hand. But a surprise attack by the Flesh Eaters forces them on the run and puts the ...

2013Action93 minPlay
5Zombie Pirates

Zombie Pirates

A dangerous young woman (Sarah French) offers up human sacrifices to a ghost ship of the dead in return for an ancient treasure. When she comes up one sacrifice short, her zombie masters exact their bloody revenge in this gory tribute to Spain's popular Blind Dead Euro Horror series.

2014Horror80 minPlay
6.5Zoe Gone

Zoe Gone

Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Lynn's life is turned upside down when she gives birth to baby Zoe. Being a teen mom is not what she had planned for high school. Her boyfriend Randy refuses to step up and her mother Alicia is not interested in raising another child. But when Zoe is kidnapped, Jennifer's maternal instincts kick in and she will stop at nothing to find her baby.

2014Crime88 minPlay
4Zarra’s Law

Zarra’s Law

Retired detective Tony Zarra is pushed into the world of crime after the murder of his younger brother.

2014Crime79 minPlay
6.3Zombie Isle

Zombie Isle

Zombie Isle In the late 70's, a group of college students and their professor ventured onto an uninhabited island for a day of exploring flora, fauna and co-ed fun. The class field trip quickly becomes a grisly nightmare as the students and faculty soon discover they are stranded and the island is crawling with ravenous, flesh-eating ghouls, reanimated as Zombies by an insane Nazi scientist who can resurrect and control the dead. Just when the slaughter levels out, a three-headed ...

2014Horror80 minPlay